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Panelgraph Showcase 2015.1


Panelgraph Showcase 2015.1
Cold Day (illustration)

Cover by Eugene Lim.

Editor's welcome

Brief intro by JF Koh.

Pink Death (illustration)

The very first contribution to the Panelgraph project. Nightmarish vision by Jing Hu.

Velvet (illustration)

Drawing pen, colour pencil, Photoshop. By Cynthia Tedy.

Magic Girl
Magic Girl (17-page story)

Celebrating the power of words with gorgeous illustrations: a tribute to victims of the recent terrorist attacks in France. By Raj/Angelstarr, Angel Rathi and Mumtaz.

Concept art

Jaw-dropping pixels by Calvin Chua. How does he do it?

West Fury
West Fury (24-page story)

A quest for vengeance takes an unexpected turn. By James Leong and Franken Doll.

Steampunk Panda (illustration)

An impossible creature brought to life by James Leong.

Brawl (illustration)

Giant robot battles giant monster. By Anson Tan.

Roleplayers #1
Roleplayers #1 (24-page story)

First issue of a continuing series taking a humourous look at a popular geek culture. By Derek Chua, a.k.a. Eng Chee.

The Kallang Wave and other illustrations

Digital works by Tanky.

Dino Girl (preview artwork)

Sneak peak at Ray Toh's sure-win global domination masterplan. Behold and tremble.

Kaiju Girl (preview artwork)

Love her. Fear her. Can't get enough of her. Kelvin Chan's latest bad-ass creation. Prepare to worship.

West Fury
Preview of Silent War (17-page preview)

A cyberpunk spy manga series set in the year 2030 in an alternate earth. By Mark Koh and Shawn Siow.

Character Concepts for Desperado Saga

Sketches by Audi Chan, for a forthcoming work.